June 29,2021

Aside from complying with the law, there are several reasons why a wedding is essential to the bride and the groom. In addition to the usual justifications of love and commitment, people of all walks of life have differing views on why a wedding is so essential to them. Below is a summary of the significance of the wedding.

  • Sealed in heaven-many couples believe that the wedding is sealed in heaven. With this kind of belief, many couples, especially the religious members of the community, give more emphasis on marriage solemnization among spouses in their churches. Their faith is that if the wedding is blessed by heaven, then it would survive all kinds of testing and remain strong as the years go by.
  • Ears and heart to confide with-people who are married have a confidential partner to share their innermost feelings of joy and sorrow. They can confide their problems and seek relief from their companion. In this age of busy days, you need someone to lend ears to listen and an understanding heart to console you when you are under stress. You need somebody to help you out to find breathing space and survive the tension that keeps on battling you.
  • Company in old age-as years passed by, you and your spouse will grow older. It is at this point in your life that a good partner is needed as you go to the hospital for a check-up or even when at home. You need caring help when your strength or vision fails to prop you up or walk by yourself. The spouse that you have chosen to wed would be a great company in your golden years.
  • A dream comes true-girls would prefer collecting memorabilia of the weddings they have attended and wish to have their wedding ceremonies someday. That is their dream that would come true. Weddings are one of the most cherished dreams for many grown-up women and even to men. And the actual performance of it is the fulfilment of that dream that happens once in a lifetime. Who would not value this memorable event and keep dreaming about it?
  • Perfect occasion-many brides and grooms have prepared for several months or even years for their weddings. They view marriage as the perfect occasion to prepare because of its once in a lifetime experience in their lives. The choice of wedding gowns, the place of the wedding ceremony and everything needed is carefully planned to make it very memorable and in order. They want the bride and groom to appear in their perfect attire, including the arrangement, decoration and desire the best foods to be served at the reception tables.
  • All praises-this is an occasion where all guests heap praises for the bride and the groom. It’s an event that both parties of the entourage are excited and happy about the forthcoming marriage ceremony of the day. We can hear comments from guests appreciating the beautiful setting from the wedding dress up to the foods at the reception venue.
  • Wedding budget-every important event requires a budget to make it successful. Weddings are no exception as you need a good amount of money to buy the wedding dress, shoes, flowers, and decorations of the wedding place and reception that will include the foods. This is a major essential in a wedding, and it is very significant. Spending beyond the means could affect the future finances of the couple after the event. This is one of the reasons why couples planning for their wedding can’t get their acts together easily due to budget constraints.